Building solutions through collaboration to reduce risk in the U.S. biomedical device network
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Broad experience is lacking among security, IT and medical professionals in protecting medical devices. Security breaches in the health care industry escalate each year. Medical device security breaches can harm patients, organizations and our country. A device's lack of operational effectiveness can harm patients. Patients' health care information can be compromised. Medical devices can expose an organization's network to further breaches. Bio-device network dysfunction is a potential national security risk.

The security of medical devices, given that they operate as part of a networked system, receive inadequate attention. Limited information is available regarding the extent of the potential exposure, risks and risk mitigation strategies. Regulatory focus often does not integrate medical and IT security requirements in the assessment of medical device technologies. Collaboration is lacking among all stakeholders (e.g., manufacturers, providers, advocates, technology companies and government) to identify the challenges, gather data and promote transparency in developing practical solutions.

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